Colored Skin Tones

It is still somewhat difficult to find certain custom skin tones for love dolls. Although blue and green skin tones are easy to obtain, other colors like yellow, orange, purple, or even pitch black are much more harder to find.
I would like to see ANY blue, red, or green mini Dolls that seem to not exist. Ebony mini Dolls are practically non existent as well. Can anybody send me in the right direction to obtain a “Black mini doll” with all the options like moaning and heat?
A red devil doll should be easier to get a hold of than it is. I hope that they take fantasy dolls to a new level with florescent glow in the dark skin tones as well as glow in the dark eyes and skin.


I fully agree! It shouldn’t be so difficult to find a full range of human skin tones, and I would love to see fantasy colours as well.

It’s much the same in the non sex doll community, unfortunately. :face_exhaling: