First Post! Sep & Oct 2022 contest

Perhaps the most interesting feature within my day to days.

*She’s wearing her Floral Printed Satin Robe under our heated blanket - sharing some of my literature with Amelia! Kinda showing her off to anybody who might notice her through the window.

Could say that is was a good night. #LaundryCheck

First photo. Having been together for merely hours yet even a day has not passed. Her hair was different, but I had already bought her a pair of panties with anticipation of her arrival.


Wow! She must be enjoying her time with you!

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Amelia is such a sweetheart. Bookworm check! :books: :eyeglasses:

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Way too pretty! I love those glasses. :heart_eyes: Seems you two have fun together!

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Such positive feedback, that I wanted to share another - one month later. Same Kimono, no book, different pose (with more legz) :stuck_out_tongue:

I mostly do my best when I can for her, but :grimacing: she doesn’t exactly hold me accountable

When I saw her photos on VS Doll, I thought wow, I’ve got to make her a happy girl

She definitely appreciates it how I like it :wink:

She is a lovely girl :slight_smile:

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Last minute oldie I found