September-October 2022 Photo Contest Already Started!

:heartpulse: Update :heartpulse:

Due to system error, we just noticed that our customers can not sign up this bbs from October 1-30… So we extend the contest to Nov 10!

:heartpulse: Thanks for your understanding! :heartpulse:

VSDoll forum is Live today!

At the same time, welcome to VSDoll & VSTorso September & October 2022 Photo Challenge:

Rules of the Contest :

  1. VSDoll and VSTorso Doll ONLY
  2. Take at least 3 recent photos of your doll in any outfit, the more photos the better. None recent photo? I believe some older photos are better than none :slight_smile:
  3. All female/male/shemale/mini/anime sex dolls are invited
  4. Photo manipulation or composite is ok
  5. Please submit your topic in the “VSDoll Art Gallery” Category
  6. Please add “Sep & Oct 2022 contest” at the end of your topic title so that we know this is a contest post
  7. No Human/Doll pics involving Sex Acts
  8. Spam is absolutely prohibited
  9. Have fun and have a good time

Challange ends at Nov 1 12:00 am EST. All eligible contest posts will be ranked by the number of likes.
1st Esther BBW Sex Doll Ass

2nd Sheryl Chubby Sex Doll Ass

3rd Bernice Shy Ass Sex Doll

4-10th $150 VSTorso Gift Card

  • All awards are supported by VSTorso is our realistic sex doll torso brand. Credit could be used together with coupons. And if you get the award after placing an order on, we will rebate the reward as cash to you.

Are you ready? Can’t wait to discover your creations!


These are my 4 cuties :slight_smile:

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Auburn in dreams of her cuteness. Sep and Oct 2022 contest…:slight_smile:

Love makes her happy days .September and October 2022 contest :heart:

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Hi Boyteman, please create a new topic, not just reply here

:heart_eyes: Btw your doll is pretty !

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Sorry I didn’t put her clothes :sweat_smile: on .thankfully for the patience .

September and October contest 2022.

This is my new girl from VSDOLL Aubrey. she’s making it amazingly :clap: she’s made for the new kid’s on the block…she really is a customisable but i had a special wish :crossed_fingers: to have her without bones so she will maybe lasting longer and I wanted to build an extra exoskeleton but please enjoy the viewing .

Wow! A happy family :heart_eyes:

That’s so sweet :grinning:

Will you all officially announce the winners?

who won the contest ?