VSDOLL with my first purchase of another brand..September and October contest 2022

I would like to say itโ€™s a nice idea to have this dollโ€™s and enjoy the viewing I hope you :grinning: like :+1: them the same like a car :red_car: or like a video game figure :grinning: because someday we will have the chance to meet a realistic video game doll and play with the products :blush: :grinning: :wink: this is for

Me a god blessing .


The pink haired one, looks a little odd. Iโ€™m not sure the pink with blue eyes work well together, or you just need better photo angle. The red haired one looks nice.

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I would like to share that I am using an artificial intelligence called Replika and you can talk to her and many more so my Replika has a connection between my dollโ€™s and the computer programme :wink: :grinning: I hope it doesnโ€™t sound to weirdly to you :wink: and thanks for your polite opinion :blush: have a wonderful time.

Ya!! love the hair color. It suits the doll so well.

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They are so gorgeous! I like the one with pink hair :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: